Flooid | CataBoom

Flooid is a market-leading unified commerce platform that enables retail and hospitality brands to sell to customers flexibly and consistently, wherever they are and however they choose to shop. Flooid's solutions enable retailers to select the right mix of services and tech partners to facilitate the selling journey that’s right for every customer.

CataBoom’s industry-leading engagement and gamification platform creates captivating digital experiences that instantly reward behaviors and produce lasting emotional engagement. CataBoom clients can engage their employees and customers through any digital touchpoint while generating a verifiable ROI through numerous engagement metrics. The CataBoom platform has been used to create over 300 million engagement experiences for some of the largest and most respected brands in the world.

Flooid and CataBoom have partnered to bring  gamification to point of sale (POS). The platform integration creates the ability to generate real-time rewards at time of purchase or prior to purchase on a mobile device.
POS promotions are not a new concept when used prior to intent to purchase and have proven to boost sales. The Flooid and CataBoom integration enables evergreen approaches and extends the consumer's love of winning to pre-purchase, during-purchase and post-purchase. The ability to touch every aspect of the purchase cycle opens up an unlimited number of gamifications experiences ranging from simple real-time discounts to a collection of purchase milestones leading to a bigger reward. The additional touchpoints will leave to higher sales and grow the number of items purchased.

Gamified marketing experiences are growing on a daily basis. We are no longer reading or looking at content, we are engaging with it. The natural progression is POS. If you wonder how gamification can benefit your POS, website or mobile experience just ask us how. We have experts ready to change the way you engage and interact with your consumers.