January 13, 2022

What Are Gamification Platforms and Why Does Your Marketing Team Need One?

If you’re looking to revamp your marketing plan this year, great! That should always be on your calendar. But are you planning on implementing a gamification platform as part of your revamp? You should be.

Let’s talk about why gamification can be such a game changer for your marketing strategy.

What Is Gamification

Gamification is the implementation of gaming elements into a non-game context. These gaming elements can encourage your leads and customers to take an action or participate in a program.

Gamification Applications

So what would this look like in your marketing plan? While gamification can take many forms, here are just a few examples of how you can use gamification successfully in your strategy.

Lead Acquisition

If you have a specific conversion you want leads to make, establishing a game and reward around it can encourage them toward that desired action. For example, time-specific rewards can be quite effective. They can notify the visitor of claimable rewards if they sign up for your newsletter within the next hour. 

Rewards Programs

Gamifying rewards programs can keep your customers coming back for more. By adding elements of competition or the ability to level up to your rewards, you can entice more customers to sign up and stick around to see the fruits of their labor. And if you incorporate indefinite perks to these rewards, you can keep customers around for the long haul.

Interactive Surveys

Surveys don’t have to be dull. They can be pretty engaging when gamified. This is because gamification platforms can make your surveys better than the usual multiple-choice format—they can create more nuanced responses that, in turn, produce more interesting insights from the results.

Digital Events

In the wake of COVID-19, many industry conferences adapted to a digital format. Gamification allows these events to remain engaging and exciting, and not simply a series of video lectures with your brand’s name attached.

4 Reasons to Use Gamification Now

Sure, gamification has a lot of applications in marketing, but you may still think there are easier or better ways to improve lead acquisition or your survey responses. 

While a good marketing strategy does include a wide range of tools and practices, a gamification platform can be an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. Here are four reasons why that’s the case.

1. Creates a Loyal Following

Gamification provides a way to continually reward your customers for certain behaviors. This can turn things like your customer loyalty strategy into habit-developing tactics that place your brand at the center of your customers’ lives.

2. Offers Better Insight

Data about your customers is incredibly valuable yet increasingly difficult to obtain as the world grows more worried about digital privacy. Luckily, gamification helps you acquire relevant data without being tricky or withholding.

People are more likely to give their contact information (number, email address) to participate in a game or contest than to sign up for an email newsletter. This way, you can gather richer information about more of your customers.

How your leads and customers respond to your experiences is far more revealing than how they respond to the tone of a marketing message. If you find that certain games create more engagement from website visitors, you may choose to frame your whole brand around that kind of experience.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

A good game can spread like wildfire, especially if it has a great deal attached. In this way, gamification can promote word-of-mouth marketing, where your followers tell their friends about your great game. And on the off-chance that your game goes viral, your awareness can enjoy an indefinite increase.

4. Makes for More Fun Brand Experiences

You probably don’t want your marketing plan to bore your customers away. Unfortunately, many brands’ half-hearted approaches to their marketing strategies do just that. 

Meanwhile, gamification creates a fun and inviting experience to share your brand messages with anyone willing to hear them. If you can sell your gamification as a short dose of escapism, customers and leads can be much more willing to sink their teeth into it.

Start Gamifying Today

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